This is a co-education school for boys and girls and admission is open to all irrespective of caste and creed. Admission is completed after the application has been processed by the Management and the parent is informed of its decision to admit the child officially. Information on the admission is available in the office all through the Year with the necessary reading Materials. Query can be Made using any of the Means such as office visit, phone and filling fields in the website.

The admission process comprises the following steps
Obtaining the prospectus and the application forms from MAPS Office
Submitting the duly filled application form at the school office before the date given from the school
Appearing with the child for interaction
Communication from the school office to the parents regarding the status of the admission
Submission of the documents and payment of fee

Grade Age Grade Age
LKG 3 Years and 6 Months Grace IV 8 Years and 6 Months
UKG 4 Years and 6 Months Grade V 9 Years and 6 Months
Grade I 5 Years and 6 Months Grade VI 10 Years and 6 Months
Grade II 6 Years and 6 Months Grade VII 11 Years and 6 Months
Grade III 7 Years and 6 Months Grade VIII 12 Years and 6 Months

MAPS Office will inform the parents the date of interaction with the Principal. Principal will personally interact with each new applicant and to the parent. It aims at informing the parents regarding the MAPS Culture and what the school expects from the parents. The students seeking admission to the Kindergarten will not be assessed academically. The students seeking admission to the above grades will be academically assessed to understand at which level they are positioned.

If the parents accept the admission offered by the School, they are expected to follow the guidelines given from the office. Admission is confirmed only after the receipt of the following items in the Office of Admissions

Birth Certificate
Two Passport Size Photos
Dully Filled Application Form
The Admission Fee
Transfer Certificate and Record of Marks of the Previous Academic Year if the child studied in some other school