Agriculture Orientation
India has the second largest population in the world. Increasing population and decreasing land holding per head has become today one of the notational problems. Availability of safe, appropriate and sufficient food is necessary for a healthy and peaceful human sustenance on this planet.

The world is under the threat of climate change, environmental pollution, global warming and water scarcity etc., Many steps have been taken to mitigate these negative impacts under the leadership of world nations.

Against these backdrops MAPS is educating its children from early childhood on good agricultural practices and environmental protection. The main aim of this is to develop environmentally literate and agriculturally motivated citizens who have the knowledge and skills to take responsible actions with regard to the natural environment and good agricultural practices.

Activities under agricultural Education
- Students Agricultural Club
- Organic Farm with Rain shed, Fruit plants and composting etc,
- Agriculture Nursery with seeds and seedlings
- Linkage between school and Students houses on agriculture programs
- Awards for Agricultural activities