General Information

Working Days And School Timings
MAPS functions as follows

Sections Days Timings
Kindergarten Monday - Friday 08.55am - 03.15 pm
Grade I onwards Monday - Friday 08.55am - 03.15 pm

The school strictly maintains a No Class on Saturday policy. However, in case of unexpected loss of week day class, a Saturday can be working day for Grades I and above. The students of the higher classes may be asked by concerned teachers fro attending special classes according to the need.

MAPS follows a school uniform which is extremely comfortable and which will accustom the students to the later professional Dress Code. The school maintains a policy that students present themselves in school uniform smartly and neatly will only help them to acquire a strong professional background from an early age. Therefore al l students are supposed to follow the School Dress Code. Details of the School Uniform cam be obtained from the Office at the time of Admission.

We have bus services fro picking and dropping children to and from the school connecting to various points I and around Chalakudy. The parents must ensure the availability of the school bus facility at their respected Areas before the admission process itself. The Bus Fee according to various slabs can be obtained from the School Office.

Excellent Education based on Sound Character formation
Disciplined Behavior as a basis of forthcoming Professional Training
Holistic and Value based Education
Integrated Academic Life with Variety of Co-curricular Activities
Maximum Possible Personal Attention to Each Child
Assessing the Students with the help of the Latest Technology
Regular Counseling for the Students
Intense Coaching in English Communication and Accent Neutralization
Full time Calligraphy Trainer to Improve Handwriting
Regular Mass and Confession Facility for the Catholic Students
Frequent Exhibitions, Carnivals, Dance and Musical Performances which make Campus Life Active
    and Dynamic