In Lumine Tuo, Videbimus Lumen (In your Light, we see ight. Ps 36:9)

Light invariably symbolizes knowledge, more specifically the divine knowledge. The epitome of Indian prayer was to lead one from darkness to light. In the Holy Bible too light is always the light that emanates from God. Jesus Christ proclaimed to be the Light of the world. The MAPS' motto is taken from the book of Psalms. It talks about the converging point of human light and divine light. The divine light is the true light. We can claim to be in the light only when we are in the divine light.

A Mapsian is always expected to walk in the Divine Light. When being illumined with the Divine Light, one can never walk in darkness. In God's light, we shall see light.

MAPS take up the challenge to provide quality education to create integrated individuals of character and caliber. Our vision of education is to lead pupils to the fullness of truth and wisdom so that a student must learn to live a life of charity in self-giving.