'Base for a Safe Sailing'

MAPS is just like my dream home. MAPS provides a fantastic platform for me and my children. I have never seen before such a beautiful school with a pleasant surroundings. When I thought about my child's education, the first option came to my mind is MAPS school. My son Aibel studies in grade V and my daughter studies in grade IV. Both of them love MAPS as their part of life.

All learning has an emotional base. Our school aims at creating a child centered environment of learning. My children are allowed to display their learning in different ways. Both academic and extra curricular activities which is extremely outstanding. The most important characteristic of our school is the involvement of every child in numerous co-scholastic activities.

Facilities given to my kids by this institution is highly appreciable. Individual care to every child is commendable. I suggest MAPS as the best school for education in this locality.

As a teacher, I am working here for the last six years. I take this opportunity to thank the management for giving chance to work in MAPS school. I dedicate my heart and soul to give each student a wonderful learning experience in my classroom. I sit on the alphabet carpet with my kindergarteners as they sing their letters, numbers and learning to read.

Management always guide us to teach with heart, play with them, learn with them, think with them and also to guide them through the right path. So for every teacher who works with our children build a better future for all of us. I trust this institution so much that my children get best education. I am happy to be part of this institution that take care of even the individual needs of all our students.

I very much enjoy being a teacher as well as a parent of MAPS. Myself and my children are so proud to be a part of MAPS family.

Tincy Raju