We are proud and delighted

MAPS has always been our extended family, both to me and my two kids. I have many a time asked myself how is MAPS special from other schools? The only possible answer I could find was that MAPS gives extreme personal care to each student who seeks knowledge and wisdom. The kind of attention each student receives is indeed matchless. We see it as God's blessing that both of our kids are getting their schooling in MAPS. The MCBS fathers' selfless service and noble vision certainly add grandeur to Mapsian culture. MAPS campus looks extremely beautiful and provides the most conducive environment for teaching and learning. I always feel new energy when I step in to this wonderful campus. The battalion of able and dedicated staff will uncompromisingly initiate the students in to the path of sublime knowledge. The supporting staff and the drivers are just like a child's guardian. It's a secure campus. This is what we expect for our kids from a school. I'm sure as well that this is what every parent expects / wishes of a school and we find the same in MAPS.

Let me wish MAPS growing heights and heights... in its endeavors to be light and to bring light to many more...

Stella Varghese