MAPS.. Is a 'Home away from Home'. It provides a conducive, atmosphere for learning. Situated in the midst of greenery, in the laps of nature, with Kodassery hill providing a beautiful picturesque view .Balancing the equation of life (i.e.) "A Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body", Giving you that 3600 degree scope for an all round development of an individual.

Though my daughter Tiya Tinoy studying in UKG, had been to Pre-school for a couple of years. Attending the kindergarten at MAPS was a major milestone. After all it was a start of a whole new era, the beginning of the entire new academic career. It can trigger a flood of emotions.

Once children step into a classroom they aren't little anymore. They get to experience a whole new world, teachers, friends, learning, responsibility, co-operation and individuality. Nice to see the children interact in the big world for the first time.

As a teacher at MAPS I strongly believe that education is the key to success in life, the teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students; because "A teacher affects eternity, he/she can never tell where his influence stops..."

Seeing her return from the first day with a big SMILE on her face was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. She walked up to me and said, she loved school. I thank God Almighty for being to part of MAPS family..... we are in safe hands.......

Sweet memories linger on..... and on.....through the journey of life.....

Josephine Tinoy