'School is our second home, where teachers play the role of parents and friends that of siblings'
So was MAPS for me. We were a family and everyone right from Principal to the staff were the members of that giant family, giving us a platform to develop all our innate talents without pushing us into a highly pressurised atmosphere. It gave me all the comforts of home and the same time exposed me to all kinds of challenges that helped me grow as a student. The special days that we had in school right from MAPS Kalotsav to the Annual Day celebrations gave us endless opportunities and lifelong memories. The rainy days when we watched rain from the open auditorium on 5th floor, the endless practice sessions we had for arts day bunking our classes, all those special days of celebration and even the normal days are all unforgettable days of my life. And I feel that the first seeds of legal profession was sown in me by the tough debate sessions that we had back in school. Finally when I look back I see my MAPSian days as the happiest days of my childhood.

Jismin Jose ( 2009-2010 Batch)
Pursuing LLM at Govt. Law Clg Tvm