I choose to learn from the best

Maps...It is a place where I am enjoying and doing my job after I settled in Kerala. It's a place where I am getting recognition as a teacher as I received abroad. Maps provided the same incredible value to me as a teacher and a parent. It's a place where I can prove myself that I am able enough to take the challenges as teacher. As my two daughters Dona (VI B) and Diona (UKG B) are here with me in Maps, I don't feel that I am away from home. Even if, the chances are a lot to go abroad again, I feel privileged and finding happiness in Maps ambience. I gained much more from Maps than I anticipated.

Maps provided me an opportunity to inculcate my hidden talents as a photographer, announcer, and an organizer. With immense pleasure, I extend my sincere gratitude to the Management for giving a wonderful opportunity to be a teacher in this institution. Moreover, Maps amazed me by giving individual attention to all children and impart complete participation in all cultural programs compare to other schools surrounded by Maps. My daughters seem maps as a second home because their relatives, cousins and friends are studying in Maps. In addition to that, the committed and lovable teachers astonished me and I would recommend Maps to any parents who love and care their children. So Maps is not only just a school for me and my children but also a family where we gather away from home...

Sini Sajey, Science Department