Secret of my upward Journey

Alin Anna Jose, (2013-2014 X batch)

"Productivity is never an accident . It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort".
If you are a student of MAPS, you have to know that you are not just a student to learn or to improve your knowledge. MAPS is not just a simple school, this School is much more. Believe me! I gained my self- confidence and professionalism because of the enthusiasm and guidance of my mentors. I perceived a friendly, helpful and accommodating atmosphere here. The teachers are very prepared and not only focused on academic teaching, but they also focused on speaking, listening, writing and more. I was always given a support to improve my skills and education in every way. My language and speaking skills were developed because of the sessions of symposiums and debates. I am also proud enough to say that my mum Ms. Alphonsa jose is a mapsian who also guided me as a teacher. I am still nostalgic for the moments I had for 9 years and for all the events especially Maps Kalotsavs, Arts day, Annual days etc. MAPS as well as being situated on the beautiful Kodassery hills, has always given me my best moments to enjoy the beauty of nature. MAPS is always my second home. I was given a plenty of opportunities to excel in every field. My base was set up by MAPS, moreover I am proud enough to say that I was a Mapsian!!

Pursuing BCA
(final year)